Monday, June 20, 2011

Bullets on Crystal Cup Cat 3/4 Race

Controlling the field with 2 to go.
Photo Credit: Daniel Meaurio
Little short on time for a full up post so here are some bullets on the category 3/4 Crystal Cup race.
  • Aggressive racing by Bike Doctor
  • Good counterattacks off teammates to take premes
  • First preme I nabbed with a counter on Rist after the second turn. Had to gas it for about 1.5km and held off the field
  • 7 crashes in 14 laps, ouch, even had to stop the race early on
  • I stayed in top 10 most of the whole race
  • Love courses with 180's for blocking. We were able to slow the pack down considerably when we had guys off the front

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