Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More Thanks ...

A continuation of Give Thanks ...
  • For having lots to be thankful for.
  • For songs and musicians that move me. From Garth Brooks to Pearl Jam to Techno to Peter Gabriel.
  • For learning from my mistakes. I have made some big ones. Unfortunately I can be a slow learner sometimes.
  • For Boy Scouts and the life long lessons it taught me. I wish I would have kept reciting the Scout Law over the years. I let you down on a few. Going to work hard to not allow that to happen again.
  • For the outdoors and camping and hiking.
  • For getting lost because it makes you want to stay found.
  • For home cooked meals that have lots of love poured into them.
  • For playing cards with my family.
  • For traditions.
  • For the internet. It is amazing how much information is at our fingertips now a day's. Who knew that duct tape could be used to remove a wart on my son's finger.
  • For the great schools my kids are able to go to.
  • For strong work ethics.
  • For my step-parents.
  • For my in-laws.
  • For my step-brother.
  • For people that don't text and drive. I am trying to stop this. Almost there.
  • For my weaknesses and identifying them and trying to improve them.
  • For my strengths, not always sure what those are but everyday is a chance for strengthening.
  • For those that serve in the military.
  • For some awesome teachers that I had growing up. Mrs. Bloomquist, Mr. Shaw, Mr. Davis.
  • For the summers I used to spend in Maine with my grandparents.
  • For the humongous Swiss Roll Grammy used to make.
  • For geocaching.
  • For learning to be myself and not what I think someone wants me to be. This is a work in progress.
  • For my boys that never think twice and always wear their bike helmets.
  • For different perspectives.

Probably to be continued ...

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